Experiencing the Ultra Trail Australia in Katoomba

mage by Ultra Trail Australia 

Image by Ultra Trail Australia 

What’s so special about the Ultra Trail Australia?

As you might already know, the Ultra Trail is a 100km run which takes place each year in the Blue Mountains and is renowned Australia-wide for being a pretty incredible experience.

The trail allows breathtaking views of the scenery the entire time, as well as being remote, varied and exciting.  

As well as 100km and 50km runs, there are also 22km and 11km trails, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of long-distance running ability!

Where will you run on the Ultra Trail?

The 100km takes you all around the Golden Stairs, Jamison Valley, Katoomba, then Wentworth Falls, Leura, and back to Scenic World.

The 50km just incorporates the Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, Leura and half of the 100km.

The UT22 and UT11 both hug Katoomba a lot more closely, still with sensational views of course.

Is it more than just running?

It’s not just a race, it’s also a fantastic running festival, and in addition to 100km and 50km runs, there are also 22km and 11km trails, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of long-distance running ability!

Even if you aren’t running, the atmosphere alone is worth the trip, as there is a massive expo filled with stalls, a film festival, live music, traditional smoking ceremonies, and a delicious pre-race welcome buffet!

The Ultra Trail Event Expo is a fantastic and friendly festival-style expo celebrating running and outdoor adventures. Most years there are more than forty exhibitors from the running and outdoor industry as well as food vendors, performances from local artists and fun activities for kids.

The Trails In Motion Film Festival is an international film tour, screened at the Fairmont Resort in Leura, featuring the most scenic and inspiring trail running films in existence.

Where does the Ultra Trail start and end?

The run starts at the KCC Oval, loops around a lot or a little of the scenery and ends at Scenic World in Katoomba.

Do I need to book a spot in the Ultra Trail?

Yes. Enter the waitlist on the official Ultra Trail website.  

Are there places I can stop if I can’t complete the whole trail?

Yes, fortunately Careel Cottages is directly outside of one of the main drink stops on the Ultra Trail. So if the exertion gets too much for you, you can just run home for a well-earned rest.

If you’re not running, the cottages are a great spot to socialise and soak up the atmosphere too. Win-win.

How do I get to start of the Ultra Trail from Careel Cottages?

It’s either a 30-minute walk or a 4-minute drive from Careel Cottages to the KCC Oval.

Where to eat and drink nearby?

There are so many options for you depending on where you start and where you end up. From fresh fare at the markets, to pub grub and café bites in Katoomba and Leura, there are plenty of choices. Check out guides on the Best Restaurants in the Blue Mountains, the Best Pubs and Bars in the Blue Mountains!

Blue Mountains FAQs

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