Visiting the Blue Mountains FAQ

Where to stay in the Blue Mountains?

Katoomba is an ideal place to stay because it offers proximity to Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls and the Scenic Railway. You can embark on some of the most famous walks directly from Katoomba too. It’s also a charming and lively town in its own right, filled with some wonderful restaurants, pubs and bars - many featuring live music and all with plenty of atmosphere.

How many days do you need in the Blue Mountains?

We recommend spending at least 2-5 days in the Blue Mountains, which will give you enough time to fully unwind amid the unique scenery and see some of the best loved sights and attractions.

What are the best things to do in the Blue Mountains?

Must-sees include the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, Scenic World, Jenolan Caves and Mayfield Gardens, as well as embarking on some of the most famous walks such as Dardenelle’s Pass Loop Walking Track.

How much does it cost to go to the Blue Mountains?

Getting to the Blue Mountains costs a couple of hours’ worth of petrol from Sydney or Newcastle, or the cost of a train ticket.

What should I wear to the Blue Mountains?

We recommend you rug up in the winter with thick clothing, and year-round you’ll want to bring active wear for all of the walks and outdoor activities, although shorts and singlets work in summer, when the temperatures climb in the day time. You’ll definitely want to have hiking boots or runners, and you’ll also want warm knits and coats for the evenings.

Can you visit the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains is open for visitors, and we’d be delighted to host you. 

Should I stay at Katoomba or Leura?

Katoomba and Leura are both beautiful and charming towns, however some people would say Katoomba has the edge as it is within walking distance of the world heritage listed Three Sisters at Echo Point.

What is the best time to visit Blue Mountains?

It’s a good time to visit the Blue Mountains all year round! It’s cosy and atmospheric in Winter, warm and sunny in the Summer, and beautiful with either the blooming flowers in Spring or the falling leaves in Autumn.

What is the weather like in the Blue Mountains?

You’ll find there is approximately a 2°C drop in temperature for every 300 metres increase in altitude in the Blue Mountains.

The Lower Blue Mountains has an average Winter temperature of 16°C and an average Summer temperature of 29°C.

The Upper Blue Mountains, including Katoomba, has an average Winter temperature of 5°C with a few snow days each year, and an average summer temperature of 18°C.

If you visit the Upper Mountains, we recommend staying somewhere with a fireplace, to embrace coziness on those chilly nights.

Is it worth going to the Blue Mountains?

It’s well worth going to the Blue Mountains. This beautiful part of Australia is UNESCO World Heritage Listed, a sacred part of the land for the Dharug, Dankingjung and the Wiradjuri peoples, and makes for a fantastic getaway into nature. The Blue Mountains have everything you need for wonderful break, from scenery, to delicious food and drink, to live music and charming pubs and bars.

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